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The Stockholders Exchange is a community-based mentorship program led by Suzanne and Hue Karreman of Reverence Farms. Members have access to two monthly educational episodes with the husband and wife team. This is a place you can find mastery in fundamentals of stock(wo)manship, husbandry, pasture establishment and managment, and natural and practical treatments. As you've been finding out, those fundamentals take decades to learn, and we are here to shorten your learning curve. In addition to the group mentorship program, members also enjoy a 10% discount on all Reverence holistic livestock treatments as well as 15% off tickets to all in-person events and pre-ticket sale access. 

  • Stockholders Basic - Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Month to Month
    • Two hour-long episodes per month & Stockholder's Forum
  • Best Value

    Stockholders Basic - Annual Membership

    Every year
    Annual Membership - Save $30
    • Two hour-long episodes per month & Stockholder's Forum
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